Counselling and Mindfulness Coaching

Dr Snezhana Djambazova-Popordanoska

Affordable Counselling and Mindfulness Coaching in Melbourne | Dr Snezhana Djambazova-Popordanoska | Another Way Coaching
“As you start to walk out on the way, the way appears” Rumi
Counselling and Mindfulness Coaching

The essence of our teaching is to accelerate people’s personal and spiritual growth that helps them to overcome physical diseases, mental disharmony, and spiritual darkness. Moreover, this can help people achieve and experience a state of inner peace, joy and bliss on a permanent basis and live a truly meaningful and abundant life.

This is done through specific counselling strategies and mindfulness techniques which allow the individual to connect deeply with the infinite peace and immense joy within that is the intrinsic, divine nature of the soul. In addition, we offer compelling motivational presentations and educational workshops that engage and inspire audiences. As a consequence, one’s consciousness is gradually raised to higher level of perception, bringing more fulfilling experiences that the physical senses of an average human mind can ever give.